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Founded in 1966, the Finnish Center dedicated their Cultural Center in September 1974, in Farmington Hills, Michigan . . . . (more)

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Welcome to fall and to all the colors it brings. While I am writing this I feel encouraged about The Finnish Center. This week we have had several people who just popped in and ended up giving us several new members. People are curious about their Finnish roots thanks to and other similar sites. Finnish translations of old documents have been requested, we happily complied, and we have gladly helped people find information about their ancestors.

While it is my intention to always look on the bright side and keep upbeat about our beloved Cultural Center (we’ve come through many challenges over the years not the least of which was a major economic crises of a few years ago) – we have, however, another ongoing challenge. In recent years, with a concerted effort to restore our accounting practices, limit losses and find creative sources for income, the FCA is in a positive financial situation. Today, our primary fundraising comes from facility rentals (to outside groups) and Charity Poker nights. At this time the FCA operates with the benefit of 15 or so volunteers who keep stepping up to donate their time to support our functions. We, however, need more volunteers. The hard reality is that it is an increasingly difficult task to enlist new volunteers – it is also unjust to keep calling the same members again and again to give of their time and energy. I am writing to ask - please volunteer.

Our most lucrative fund raising events are the poker nights – the next event is October 7–10 and for which volunteers are needed. These events run from 11:00 am to 2:00 am – and they can be fun. Please consider volunteering. I have to be honest in this. As we operate entirely on the efforts, time and skills of volunteers, if the FCA cannot provide enough volunteers to support its functions and operations, our board of trustees and membership will be faced with making serious changes in programs, offerings, hours of operation, and more.

FCA has great value in its real estate holdings but which produce no cash flow. We are rich in assets but not in cash. These hard-earned assets require an ongoing effort to maintain plus dedicated energies of its members to keep the doors open and to keep alive our programs and mission as our founders intended.

Also, as we have reported previously, Marlene, our longtime treasurer passed away in May. We are looking for a new Treasurer for FCA. Ilona, our assistant treasurer has been doing the work up until now but has accepted a fulltime position and can only do it in a limited fashion going forward. We need a qualified volunteer to step in. Please let me know if you can help.

Senior Housing plans to renovate Tapiola I & II are very much alive. O’Neal Construction has won the vote of the board to manage the rebuild and Berkadia has been selected as the new lender. It is hoped construction will begin in 2019.

Stop by at the Center during business hours. I’d love to talk with you - you may also reach me directly at (734) 834-6085.

Mia Lamminen


Upcoming Events

public welcome


September 21

Friday Night Buffet

5pm - 8pm

September 26


Monthly Luncheon


September 29


Fall Craft Market

10am - 4pm

September 29


Frank Eld, FFN

Lecturer of the Year

2pm presentation

September 30

No Open House

October 05 & 19

Friday Night Buffet

5pm - 8pm

October 07


Finnish Folk Dancing

2pm - 5pm

October 19 & 20

Friday & Saturday

Fall Flea Market

10am - 4pm (Friday)

10 am - 3pm (Saturday)

October 28


FCA General Meeting


October 28


No Open House

October 31


Monthly Luncheon


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March 16, 2018

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