The Education Committee’s activities have traditionally covered scholarships, non-native Finnish language education, and Suomi Koulu – once per month school in Finnish for children. The purpose of the committee is to advance the Finnish language and provide scholarships to college students.

The Scholarship Committee grants annually a number of academic scholarships to college students. Scholarships are granted for both 2- and 4-year degree students. The scholarships are announced in the FCA Newsletter and the recipients have a ceremony, generally in May.

The Education Committee provides instructors for Finnish language lessons for FCA members and outside interested participants. The Education Committee can also provide assistance with materials, scheduling, and advertising of courses.
Suomi Koulu usually is held one Sunday per month for children to study various subjects in Finnish, and to participate in various national Finnish holidays though craft projects. Suomi Koulu also provided the Lucia Maiden for the Finnish Independence Day celebration dinner.

If you have any suggestions concerning Finnish language related activities so that we can improve the language services of FCA, please contact the Finnish Center.