The Finnish Cultural Center Library has a collection of Finnish and Finnish-American books, periodicals and archival materials. Many members of the FCA originally come from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, more specifically the Copper Country, and can read the latest "back home" news in The Daily Mining Gazette. Periodicals from Finland in both the Finnish and English languages provide the news from abroad.

“Finland’s Mid-20th Century Wars: Immigrant Families Remember”

Among the Finnish Center membership are people who themselves, or their parents, experienced Finland’s mid-20th century wars: Winter War, Continuation War, Lapland War, World War II. In 2019, Glenn Kujansuu videographed Louise Hartung interviewing six of these families. Louise created a one-hour compilation video of the interviews, and FinnFolk performed two traditional Finnish tunes for it. The project was funded by Finlandia Foundation National, Finnish Center Association, Finlandia Foundation of Michigan, and the Knights and Ladies of Kaleva of Metro Detroit. FinnFest USA provided major support by helping to define the project and by serving as consultants throughout the project. You can see the interviews and compilation video, and hear FinnFolk’s performance, at the following link: